More robust and customizable multi-touch and gesture-based solutions are beginning to become available, with interfaces that register multiple touch points and gestures. The small form factors associated with portable computing platforms demand innovative ways to manipulate and recall information. Recent advancements in multi-touch gesture recognition software have changed the way we interact with our phone and computer. Perhaps, even more important, is that touch gesturing allows users of all ages and capabilities to easily interact with the program. Flash Card Maker Pro supports swipe, scroll, tap, and long press gestures to facilitate flash card navigation and playback controls.

Touch Gesturing allows users of all ages to interact and control the Flash Card Maker Pro interface.

Use touch gesturing to control the following features during playback:

  1. Navigate to Previous Card
  2. Navigate to Next Card
  3. Scroll to See Answer
  4. Tap to Hear Card Using Text-to-Speech
  5. Long Press to Stop Built-in Timer

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