SharingOne of the major benefits of Flash Card Maker Pro is the ability to share flash cards with other users. The process of creating large decks of cards requires effort and time. Even though the speech-to-text features of the Android OS make the process of creating cards much faster, wouldn’t it be nice if you could download a deck of cards that someone else has created. Peer-to-Peer file sharing of application data is essential for users of Flash Card Maker Pro to leverage the work of the user community. Please feel free to email or transfer flash card decks to one another and expand your library of learning possibilities.

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Users can share flash card decks via email to other owners of Flash Card Maker Pro. Follow the simple steps listed below to import and export a deck of flash cards and start sharing today.

Export a Deck via Email:1. Long press on the deck in either play or edit mode.
2. Select ‘Share via Email’

Import a Deck via Email:1. Click ‘Open’ or ‘Preview’ button on the email attachment.

2. Select the Flash Card Maker application from the list.
3. All cards from the deck will automatically be imported.

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