Users of Flash Card Maker Pro should always make a point to backup their database on a regular interval should you drop or damage your Android device. Database backups can be created or restored at anytime by going to the Edit tab, clicking the Menu button, and selecting the Manage DB option. To backup your Flash Card database click the “Export DB to SD Card” button. To restore your Flash Card database click the “Import DB from SD card button. Please note that after restoring the database you will need to completely stop the application from running in the background before the changes will take effect. To stop Flash Card Maker pro completely go to Settings>>Applications>>Manage Applications and select Flash Card Maker Pro from the list. Click the “Force Stop” button to completely close the application and any background processes. Now when you relaunch the application you database will be completely restored and any changes visible in the application. Flash Card Databases can also be shared by copying and pasting to the SD card in the “flashcardmakerpro” directory on the root. Individual decks of cards can be shared via email or by bluetooth file transfer.

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