Users can make decks of cards with a computer and later import them to their phone via email or copy and paste to an SD Card. A file browsing application like Astro File Manager will be necessary to import decks from an SD Card on your Android device. The flash card deck text files must be formatted in a specific way to load successfully within Flash Card Maker Pro application. A utility is available on this website to automatically generate the code needed to create a custom deck of cards for free. Flash Card Maker Pro Code Generator If you are more ambitious and want to develop your own flash card generator program please see the white paper provider below.

Use the  Code Generator Web Page as a quick way to create decks of cards for Flash Card Maker Pro.

The following pdf file provides information on how to create flash card deck files using your computer. File Specification A text file containing 3 cards called ‘primarycolors.txt’ is displayed below. Feel free to copy and paste into a text editor and modify the file as needed. Do not worry about modifying the large integers. These numbers represent dates and will be automatically updated upon import.

—— Start Copy After this Line ——

1|Primary Colors|Flash Card Deck|1284301048555|1285517160999
1|Red|Apples are red|OFF|Large||0|1284301098542|1285104978511^^
2|Green|Grass is green|OFF|Large||1|1284301170068|1284930730243 ^^
3|Blue|Sky is blue|OFF|Large||2|1284301179984|1284943685676^^

—— End Copy Before This Line ——

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