Flash Card Maker Pro can playback single or multiple decks at the same time. Users must select the desired decks from the list and click the button that reads, “Click Here to Play Selected Decks” to begin playback. If you do not see any decks in the list then you must create one in order to get started. You can create a deck by pressing the menu key on your device and click “New Deck”. Please see the post entitled “Getting Started with Flash Card Maker Pro“.

Play Tab
This post is designed to help you get started using Flash Card Maker Pro. There are three tabs within the flash card application: (1) Play, (2) Edit, and (3) Help. The Play tab allows users to select decks of cards for playback. The Edit tab allows users to modify the deck details and add new cards. The Edit tab also allows users to perform a backup and restore of the flash card database. The Help tab contains a brief summary explaining simple tasks within Flash Card Maker Pro. Please note that modifications to the decks or cards are saved automatically. To exit a screen or form just press the back button on your phone.
Flash Card Deck Playback
From the Play Tab select the decks of cards desired for playback and click the button reading, “Click Here to Play Selected Decks”. The flash cards will be arranged according to sort order upon initial launch. To change the order of the cards click the Menu button on your device and select the desired sort criteria from the list at the bottom of the card. Users can also swap the question and answer if desired by pressing the “Swap Q and A” item in the list.
Navigate Using Gestures
Move between cards by flicking your finger forward or backward. Scroll up and down to reveal the front and back of the card by holding your finger on the screen and moving vertically. Press once on the screen to have the question read back using Text-to-Speech. Press a second time to have the Answer read back using Text-to-Speech. Shake your Android device to automatically hide a card in the deck. Perform a long press on the screen to have access to the flash card settings described below.
Flash Card Settings
Long press on the currently displayed flash card to access the settings. From the settings users can hide memorized cards or unhide all previously hidden cards in the deck. Users can also stop and reset the timer and toggle the Text-to-Speech on or off. Users must click the “Done” button to close the screen and return to the playback mode.

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