Flashcards Now have Multi-language Text-to-Speech (TTS) Support

The latest update of Flash Card Maker Pro now supports multiple languages during playback when using the built-in text-to-speech engine. Users can now select from 5 different languages during playback for both the question and the answer. Tap the screen once to read the question in Spanish and again to read the answer in English […]


Joe Imhoff Flash Card Generator

This page was designed by Joe Imhoff to help users quickly create flash card decks using the custom web form. Joe is a user of Flash Card Maker Pro with wicked development skills. He has created a very innovative way to rapidly create flash cards with great ease. If you would like to know more […]


Flash Card Deck Code Generator

This page was designed to help users quickly create flash card decks using the provided web forms. Please follow the 3 step process to create your deck. When complete you can copy and paste the code to a text file and transfer to your Android device either by email or via the SD Card. Please […]


Playback Flash Cards in Deck

Flash Card Maker Pro can playback single or multiple decks at the same time. Users must select the desired decks from the list and click the button that reads, “Click Here to Play Selected Decks” to begin playback. If you do not see any decks in the list then you must create one in order […]


Quick and Easy Memorization Techniques

The human brain is a very complicated ‘machine’ capable of performing billions of floating point operations per second (FLOPS). The brain consumes 20% of the body’s energy and is comprised of over 100 billion cells. To date nothing is known to outperform the brain’s processing power. As a side note, it is estimated that we […]


Make Flash Cards With Computer

Users can make decks of cards with a computer and later import them to their phone via email or copy and paste to an SD Card. A file browsing application like Astro File Manager will be necessary to import decks from an SD Card on your Android device. The flash card deck text files must […]


How To Improve Your Memory

For years I have been fascinated with the memory and computational abilities demonstrated by autistic savants such as Laurence Kim Peek, Daniel Paul Tammet, and Leslie Lemke. I look forward to the day when scientific research unlocks the mysteries of the brain allowing everyone to develop super human mental abilities. Scientists believe that autistic savantism, […]


Backup Your Flash Card Database

Users of Flash Card Maker Pro should always make a point to backup their database on a regular interval should you drop or damage your Android device. Database backups can be created or restored at anytime by going to the Edit tab, clicking the Menu button, and selecting the Manage DB option. To backup your […]


Disclaimer – Please Read

Flash Card Maker Pro is new to the Android Market and was developed after months of research on multi-sensory learning techniques. This application was created by a team of professional developers and educational experts and is not a school project or hobby. If you are satisfied with your purchase please leave feedback as my competitors […]


Getting Started with Flash Card Maker Pro

Flash Card Maker Pro uses text-to-speech to read cards back to users during the playback mode if requested. The text-to-speech audio features reinforce the learning process by stimulating the hearing sensors in the brain. If the Android text-to-speech engine is not detected on your device during playback the application will automatically direct you to the […]


Video Demonstration

Official Link to YouTube Video Watch a video demonstration of Flash Card Maker Pro. This is an example of how Flash Card Maker Pro can be used to teach children how to read and perform math. Video also covers the basic functions of the application including how to create flashcards, playback flash cards, and share […]


Flash Card Tips and Tricks

Flash cards remain one of the best tools for memorizing and learning information. The most common way to create flashcards is to use paper index cards. Flash Card Maker Pro makes it easy to create digital flash cards and store them on your phone for use at anytime and from anywhere.  Are you bored during […]


Text to Speech Audio Playback

Flash Card Maker Pro uses the built-in text to speech engine of the Android platform to read back the card’s question and answer to the user. The text to speech audio feature can be activated with single screen tap during playback of the flash card deck. The technique in which leaning is facilitated by the […]


Share Flash Card Decks

One of the major benefits of Flash Card Maker Pro is the ability to share flash cards with other users. The process of creating large decks of cards requires effort and time. Even though the speech-to-text features of the Android OS make the process of creating cards much faster, wouldn’t it be nice if you […]


Advanced Gesturing Support

More robust and customizable multi-touch and gesture-based solutions are beginning to become available, with interfaces that register multiple touch points and gestures. The small form factors associated with portable computing platforms demand innovative ways to manipulate and recall information. Recent advancements in multi-touch gesture recognition software have changed the way we interact with our phone […]


Multi-Sensory Learning Experience

Recycle your old paper 5×7 index cards, abandon the traditional methods of study, and step into the future of learning with Flash Card Maker Pro for Android devices. Studies from the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development have shown that for children with difficulties in learning, a multi-sensory teaching method is the most […]